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Knit Magazine Issue 37 now available at Barnes & Noble

Issue 37 of Knit Magazine is finally out in bookstores. 
 Here’s a peek at the shawl. 

Additional information can be found in
I’ll be starting another one soon. This time I’m knitting it in Madelinetosh Lace Yarn, color Logwood (purple).

Knit Magazine Issue 37

I just received my complementary issue of Knit Magazine Issue 37 and finally got to see my Camelot’s Embrace Shawl pattern in print. The magazine won’t be available here in the US until mid May. It’s a lovely magazine with great articles and patterns.
I’ll be posting pictures of the shawl soon. The model is just lovely. She shows the shawl being worn as a scarf and also as a shawl. This is something that I wanted to stress since this pattern gives instructions for making it larger or smaller, even as small as a scarf. That’s pretty convenient if you don’t have a lot of yarn or prefer wearing scarves. I’ll give more details later and post some photos too.

Knit Magazine Issue 37, Kalmedia UK
 previously known as Yarn Forward Magazine

Camelot’s Embrace Errata

Important to mention that there was a printing error on the Camelot’s Embrace Shawl pattern, Knit Magazine issue 37. The order in which the charts are worked was mixed up. It’s a quick fix but a very important one. I’ve written the revisions on the pattern page – Revisions Link Here
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, 
This is a very easy pattern to follow. Once you make these quick changes in the pattern it will be easy sailing. 

New Patterns are up. I’m pretty excited. Lots going on.

Today the Lady Sparrow Scarf & Hat are up on Knit Picks. Lots of lovely yarns at KP to choose from too.

New Pattern: Also this week, my Camelot’s Embrace Shawl pattern was published in Knit Magazine. I don’t have the magazine yet since it was first released in the UK. But I will post pictures and link as soon as I get them. Magazine should be out on US newstands by mid May. The shawl was professionally photographed so their pictures will be way nicer than mine. Updates coming soon.

Lady Sparrow Scarf and Hat Pattern

New Pattern Just Released Lady Sparrow Scarf & Hat Pattern.  It’s always exciting to release a new pattern and even more when its a set. It’s a lacey design, of course, since almost everything I knit has lace. But lace as pretty as it is may not give you the warmth you want during winter. So here you have lace with worsted weight yarn. It’s got enough eyelets to make it lace but enough cover stitches to keep you warm and also to help keep its structure. The pattern has written instructions and is also charted, making this a great lace beginner project.

Lady Sparrow Scarf & Hat Set: $ 5.00

The sample was knitted with Knit Picks new Chroma, worsted yarn. It is a wonderful yarn to work with.

Jardin Ruffled Cardi

I’m writing this with a lot of excitement. My Jardin Ruffled Cardi pattern is finally released and available for purchase.

It has everything an all-season cardigan should have – a little bit of lace and elegance but can complement a nice pair of jeans too. Go from daytime to evening with it. 

I used a cotton/wool blend. Living in Florida that’s the perfect combination. But cotton has its unique flow and tends to “droop” a bit. Well, I call this drape, if you don’t mind. I just love it. It drapes beautifully and feels like I’m wearing a shawl. I took special interest in this effect and designed it to work around these attributes.

Jardin Ruffled Cardi pattern
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