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New Website and Blog address for Endless Knits

We're moving.Yes, I’m moving this blog site to a new domain name.

As some of you already know, my official website is www.Endlessknits(dot)com and my blog is here at www.Endlessknits(dot)com/blog. 

I really do enjoy working in this blog format so I’ve been little by little building my site here along with my blog. Let’s just say I want to keep it all under one roof. So what I’m doing is moving this blog into the main domain name. Then when you look up www.Endlessknits(dot)com, you’ll find this site. The old website will go away.

I’ve been told that this is easy to do while others say I may loose all contact with those of you who have linked RSS and follow this site.

I want you to know what’s going on in case we loose communication.  I will be writing a post later this week once the change has occurred. If you didn’t get the notice of the new post, then you may have to reconnect to this site again.

I appreciate your patience.

If you’re an Endless Knitter Newsletter subscribers, this won’t affect you at all.


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Sad – Borders, hosting Knitting group closing

For years, every Thursday night at Borders was special. That’s the night my Knitting group met at the Borders in Oviedo. Borders hosted us and made us all feel welcomed. Our group grew as many joined and even picked up knitting because of our presence there. So it’s no surprise that I have a special place in my heart for Borders in appreciation for their kindness. And yes, it was genuine kindness. It was not unusual for the manager to come up to us and give us pastries from their coffee shop or bring books and magazines to our table for us to browse through the latest knitting books and patterns. Every Thursday we would walk in to find a large table especially prepared for us with a sign on it “reserved for group”. This kind of hospitality is unheard of in this day and age. 

So here’s my “Goodbye” to Borders. We will truly miss you!
 Boo hoo…. 

Super Hero? Hum?

Did very little knitting this weekend in working on my new pattern. Here I am at the Toastmaster’s  “Super Hero” Convention. My husband is very involved in Toastmasters, a public speaking club. They were having their speech competition this weekend. I’m sure you can tell that they’re a fun and enthusiastic group of people. Every convention, they select a theme and everyone shows up in costumes. Silly but fun. It’s only for one night of craziness though. The following night they get serious, a Gala affair loaded with great speakers competing for area finalist.
BTW, Hubby is Zorro, but don’t try to guess which super hero I am. Either I’m a super hero with an identity crisis,(don’t know who I am) or I’m still incognito not willing to disclose my identity to the world yet.  I like to think that I’m the latter.
Definitely super at something. Ha, ha, ha.

Ok, enough fighting villains now back to tackling my next pattern.