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Tempe Yarn Store

If you’re like me, you probably like visiting yarn shops when you travel.

I’m reporting my latest adventure in Tempe, Arizona.

I visited Tempe Yarn and Fiber Store.  

There in the mist of the summer heat and sandy landscape is the most awesome yarn shop imaginable. Loaded, and I really mean loaded with some of the nicest yarns around.  They have our favorite band names along with some locally handspun and colored yarns, and handmade buttons too. 


If you like to spin, this place will have you dreaming in color with their huge selection of roving.


As you can imagine, I couldn’t leave empty handed. Here’s what I got.

Left to right: HPKY Precious, color Cosi Fan Tutte Pastel, Cascade Eco Alpaca, color #1529; HPKY Bologna, color Magic Flute Pastel

And trust me…I would have bought more but I was traveling light. LOL

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And let me mention, that the Tempe people are very nice. And those in the yarn shop were no exception. I felt very welcomed.  I do hope to visit again. But if I can’t, its good to know that I can still get my hands on some of their yummy yarns. I can order and they’ll ship to me.  Yey.

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A beanie knitted hat for my son

It’s not often my son asks me to knit him something but when he does, I just love it.  His request…a beanie. He wants it orange but it has to be a special orange, not just any orange color. He wants a warm orange. So as you can imagine, I immediately jumped to the task, excited and all, and set off to find that perfect orange yarn.

Now mind you, he’s a college student and does his own laundry, so I figure that the beanie is going to end up in the wash and spin cycle at some point. Its going to have to be washable yarn of course.

This afternoon, I visited my local knit shop, Knit! in Longwood and I think I found it!

Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash, Pumpkin

Cascade 220 Pumpkin

If he likes it, it will be on my needles very soon.Endless Knits Logo