Campus Beanie – New Pattern Release

The Campus Beanie Pattern is finally released.

*See discount at bottom of this page.

 This beanie is very special. This was a request from my son to make him this hat. He was very specific as to how it would look, how wide the stripes would be, what color to choose, and he wanted no ribbing.

I designed it in 3 sizes. Fits size: 22 (23, 24)” (56 58.5, 61 cm), head circumference with approx. 2” negative ease

See Pattern Page for more details.

I’ll be making one for me too. Hum, not sure what color to make it. I’m so into purple these days, maybe purple and beige.

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New Pattern Release Discount 25% on all new purchased good until Dec. 25, 2011.  Use code CampusNEW2011 at check out or use this link.

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Ideas on how to wear a shawl.

Nitza with Camelot's Embrace shawlFall is officially here.  It’s that time,  not to hot – not to cold pleasant weather that gets us wanting to wear our shawls and shawlettes.


It’s time to take them out so you can see them.

Take them out of their safe place and use them. Personally, I like to have them out so that I can see them. If I don’t see them, I forget to wear them.

Here are some ideas – Displaying your shawls.
  • Throw them over the back of any chair that you may have in your bedroom.
  • Throw one over the bed much like you would place a decorative throw over your bed. Just put it aside at bedtime.
  • Place over sofa back, assuming its a safe place from little ones or pets.
  • If you have a canopy bed, get creative. There’s lots of ways to display them over your bed.
  • If you have low valance window, you can spread one over the top balance. That’s assuming its low enough that you can reach for it.  Make sure you keep the shawl out of direct sunlight.
  • Display them over furniture such as consoles, dining table, pianos, etc.
Camelot's Embrace Shawl on console
Camelot's Embrace Shawl pattern, Knit Mag.Wear them. 

Ultimately, it’s about wearing those wonderful shawls we invested so much time into making. It’s time to enjoy them.

Here are some ideas – How to wear a shawl. 
Since I wear my shawls much like scarves, I find many uses for them during the cool or cold weather. I like to wrap them around my neck under my coat. When I remove my coat, I have a lovely shawl/shawlette to flatter my outfit.
Honestly, I was going to make a video for this post, but after finding these other wonderful videos, I decided to just share them. No sense reinventing the wheel here.

Ways of wearing a shawl by Knit Picks

How to wear a triangular shawl

How to wear a scarf

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We’ve made the move…

This is just a quick note to let you know that this site is now operating under the new domain name, If you are using a RSS feeder, or have subscribed to this blog by email you should receive this notice automatically. That would be confirmation that the links are working.

In the near future, the remaining contents of the old website will be moved here.

Thanks for all your patience.

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New Website and Blog address for Endless Knits

We're moving.Yes, I’m moving this blog site to a new domain name.

As some of you already know, my official website is www.Endlessknits(dot)com and my blog is here at www.Endlessknits(dot)com/blog. 

I really do enjoy working in this blog format so I’ve been little by little building my site here along with my blog. Let’s just say I want to keep it all under one roof. So what I’m doing is moving this blog into the main domain name. Then when you look up www.Endlessknits(dot)com, you’ll find this site. The old website will go away.

I’ve been told that this is easy to do while others say I may loose all contact with those of you who have linked RSS and follow this site.

I want you to know what’s going on in case we loose communication.  I will be writing a post later this week once the change has occurred. If you didn’t get the notice of the new post, then you may have to reconnect to this site again.

I appreciate your patience.

If you’re an Endless Knitter Newsletter subscribers, this won’t affect you at all.


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The Mystery of the Missing Stitch

detective image

Very little is written about this stitch.  It’s as if it never disappeared. But it did. What stitch is this?

The Provisional Cast On –Crochet Method – Missing Stitch

Ever used the Provisional Cast On and notice that you had one less stitch when you picked up the stitches from the second half? You probably thought you did something wrong. But you didn’t.

Here’s why.

When you pick up your first stitch from the crochet chain, you will notice that that first stitch is not grounded. In other words, the end is just hanging and not tied to anything. You can continue to pick up stitches and knit as usual with no problem, however, when its time to unravel the crochet chain and pick up the live stitches, that first stitch since its not grounded, will disappear. Poof.

Here’s a video I found. Provisional Cast On Live Stitches

So if you come across a pattern that instructs you to use the Provisional Cast On with crochet hook and makes no mention of the missing stitch, make sure you have the right amount of stitches needed for your pattern. You may have to do some fudging if not.

Fudging it imageFudging/Troubleshooting  – Check pattern to see how many stitches you need. To get the correct amount of stitches, increase or decrease one stitch at the beginning or end of the next RS. This would probably work for most patterns but use your judgment. The idea is to make the increase/decrease in a place that is inconspicuous.
Avoiding the missing stitch dilemma all together  – It all comes down to the fact that the first picked up stitch is not grounded. So if you wrap the loose end of the first picked up stitch with the working yarn while picking up the next few stitches (much like you would in color work) you will secure it and the stitch won’t disappear.Endless Knits LogoEndless Knit logo



New Knitting Pattern – Soleto Vest

Classy yet practical. This vest should take you from day to evening. Wear jeans for a sporty look – wear a shirt and make it elegant.

Soleto Vest Front

This vest is knitted seamlessly from the top down, ending on the bottom edge.

Finished sizes:chest 32.5 (36, 40, 44.5,48,52)” (81.5 91.5, 101.5, 113, 122, 132 cm)

Yarn: worsted
Yardage: 550 (650, 720, 850, 930, 1025)

As seen: Vest shown on model size 32.5″, Berroco Vintage, worsted, color Mochi #5101

Pattern: Pattern includes instructions for length modifications for a more personal fit.  Instructions both written and charted.

Go to Ravelry Pattern Page for more information.

Soleto Vest is currently available as a PRE-ORDER at 30% off, US $4.20. (Regular price US $6) Pattern will be available by September 16, 2011.

If you purchase the pattern through Ravelry as a pre-order, you will receive a pdf receipt with pattern information. You will automatically receive the completed pattern on or about September 16, 2011.

If you would like to be notified when this pattern becomes available, feel free to message me in Ravelry or Facebook, or sign up to the Endless Knitter Newsletter.

Endless Knitter Newsletter subscribers receive perks…hint, hint.  Endless Knits Logo

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New knitting technique for sock heel by Cat Bordhi

Knitted Socks

There are many ways of knitting the heel of a sock. But there is always room for new techniques. Cat Bordhi has just released a new technique that makes for a really cool heel. It’s actually more of a wedge. And for those who want a wider heel this is perfect.

Take a look at Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Sock video tutorial.

Cat\’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks video

Another version of this great technique is the Cat’s Padded Sweet Tomato Heel.

Cat\’s Padded Sweet Tomato Heel Socks video

I can’t wait to try these out on my next sock project. Endless Knits Logo


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Displaying your nail polish bottles at home

I do my own nails and rarely go to a salon. I kept my nail polish bottles in a cozy basket in a drawer and only took it out when I was going to do my nails. But honestly, that was a hassle.Nail polish basket


To see the colors I would have to take each bottle out of the basket… not very exciting and obviously not very inspirational.


So I figured, why not display the bottles so that I could see all the lovely colors. After all, it does make for a beautiful display. Since I couldn’t find an actual display for nail polish bottles other than those made for commercial use, I decided to use a spice rack.

Nail polish shelfNail polish shelf-2


I just love it!

It’s so functional, I ask myself, why I didn’t think of this before.

Now I see the lovely colors and actually look forward to doing my nails.

By the way…I got my spice rack at They had a good price and shipping was free since I had it shipped to my local Logo dragon fly only

A beanie knitted hat for my son

It’s not often my son asks me to knit him something but when he does, I just love it.  His request…a beanie. He wants it orange but it has to be a special orange, not just any orange color. He wants a warm orange. So as you can imagine, I immediately jumped to the task, excited and all, and set off to find that perfect orange yarn.

Now mind you, he’s a college student and does his own laundry, so I figure that the beanie is going to end up in the wash and spin cycle at some point. Its going to have to be washable yarn of course.

This afternoon, I visited my local knit shop, Knit! in Longwood and I think I found it!

Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash, Pumpkin

Cascade 220 Pumpkin

If he likes it, it will be on my needles very soon.Endless Knits Logo



Make it easy for your readers to keep connected by using Feeds.

Ok, so you’ve got a blog going and people are now coming to your site to read your blog on your latest knitting project, favorite patterns, recipes or just sharing family fun stuff.

Maybe they found your site in passing or perhaps your site was linked from somewhere else such as Ravelry, Facebook or your website. Whatever the case, you’ll want to make it easy for these readers to return to your site again.

 TipsTIP: Create A FEED.

Create a feed to allow others to be notified when you’ve posted a new blog. This is how I did it:



First create an account with Then go to “publicize”. Where it says Chickletize your web site, select friendly graphics.

Here you’ll find lots of choices. Whatever you select from this list, the HTML code for that selection will appear at the bottom. Copy and paste this code to your site.

I have the “Subscribe to Endless Knits” and “Subscribe to a Reader” HTML codes included in my blog (see right side bar). I also subscribed to my own site and now I get an email when I publish a new post. It’s a good way of testing what you’re doing.

If you are using Blogger for your blog, setting this up is pretty easy. Just add the Subscribe to email into your site. Its one of the choices provided to you as an add-on.

If you are using WordPress you’ll have to install the code in a widget window. Go to Appearance, select Widget, select Text – arbitrary text or HTML. Drag and drop this Text widget into your Sidebar Blog. Now open the text box by selecting the down arrow icon and paste the Feedburner code.

Endless Knits logo  COMING UP….If you notice, I’ve added my logo, the dragonfly with yarnwings, on the top browser tab. This is called a Favicon. I’ll be sharing with you soon how I added my Favicon to my blog so you can add one to your blog too.