Diamond Panel Comfort Shawl

Diamond Panel Comfort Shawl


This shawl has a very subtle diamond design. It is almost like an embossing effect.

We use Homespun for its softness and comfort. The fuzziness from this yarn gives it a light detailing. If you want to have more of a detailed on your design I suggest you use another yarn that is not as fuzzy. I like the softness of the detailing myself. Using another yarn will also change its gauge so you may want to adjust needles size and add more diamond repeats if needed.


This is an excellent shawl for making as a Prayer Shawl.  There are no tassels or fringes that will cause discomfort to those in bed rest.  Instead the edge is kept intentionally simple. The knitting is mostly Garter Stitch which allows the knitter plenty of prayer and meditative time while knitting.





Pattern: Both written instructions and chart.

Finished Size: 62″ X 22″

Yarn: 555 yards, Lionbrand, Homespun, Apple Green

Pattern is downloadable in PDF format.

US $ FREE PATTERN    Diamond Panel Comfort Shawl Pattern